Get Involved

Engage your talents and be a part of the exposition of truth

Your help really counts

Below are some of the ways you can get involved with whatever you have to offer.

Remote Volunteering

You can register a decided amount of hours of your time per week with us, within which you can help with anything from our social media strategy, even to editing the videos for the show. We'll soon provide more information on how you can do this so please check this space again.


You can make yourself physically available for such help as listed below:


This is one that everyone can get involved in, as long as you have a smart phone or any recording equipment. You can report about anything around you that you feel is strange and related in any way to biblical prophecy, impact of the gospel, sinister agendas that you want exposed, injustices that you want reported, etc. We will verify your reports and may ask to contact you if necessary. Your reporting helps to engage the whole world with this message of the gospel and its relevance to each person that hears it.
Thank you for your support!


You can also help us by giving any chosen amount at any time you can. This helps with building our account to afford major and minor improvements. Thanks.