Ignorance is bliss... but only for a little while. Blindness is only acceptable when you don't know what you can't see.

What is the main intention of the Rabbithole Radio show?

We intend to re-examine such narratives as the origins of man, the purpose of the holy scriptures, the realities of the world around us and more, from a scriptural perspective, using real philosophy and real sciences to the applicable extent. We aim to dispel modern myths and unravel many current deceptions, hoping we can clear the air enough to re-establish truth.

What criteria must guest speakers fit to be invited onto the show?

Our guest speakers have no specific criteria except that they must be non-violent and adhere to the few rules of the show such as keeping conversations clean and free of swear words and moral filth. Most times however, we will only invite persons who have a distinct view or experience or research in the area of what topic we are discussing for that show.

Is Rabbithole following any liturgy or under any Christian denomination?

No. Rabbithole Radio consists the research and views of the hosts of the show, James Nwobodo and Bosun Sadare. In fact, these views are sometimes conflicting, but never on the fundamentals of the Christian doctrines from the bible.
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