The book of the upright ones

The Book of Jasher Series

Much controversy surrounds this book and debates rage on about its validity as scripture or even rabbinical historical accounts. We'll just read it to you and let you decide, all the while enjoying its insights and quick paced stories. A Book of Jasher is referred to in the canonical bible books of Samuel and Numbers, and it is very likely that this is the one. We're going all the way to 91 chapters so fasten your seat belts, and leave comments below all the way!


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We'll continue to upload the chapters so check here regularly.


In chapter 2, between 7:30 to the end, you read "Mahlalel, son of Cain..." but Mahlalel was son of Cainan (or Kenan in some versions). Please check and attend to it.

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Thanks Aurora, good spot! I'll ask Bos to sort out this change asap. Keep listening out for it. Cheers!

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