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"What does it matter if I don't know these things?" Ignorance is only bliss for a little while. Soon you'll have to deal with issues you ignored, and wonder why others were better prepared

Truth is not necessarily nice, but it's kind.

There's a whole lotta things happening in the world today, but the systems of the world are designed to keep your mind boxed into only a few things that seem within your grasp. The less you know, the easier you can be controlled. Seeing as you've decided to visit this site, you either intend to join us on a journey of discovery and exposition, or you're part of the camp we're aiming to expose... or you were just bored and stumbled on here.

Either way, you'll see and hear about history, biblical prophecy, forbidden archeology, scientific and technological advancements in areas like robotics, nanotech, neuroscience, genetic engineering, etc and how all these fit together in a grand scheme to introduce the vilest era of human history - and you may be alive as it all unfolds!

As usual, you have your options: you can close your eyes and shut your ears to all this, pretend as if none of it affects you and risk being victim to whatever happens; or, you can sincerely ask yourself if there's smoke without fire, brace up and join us to learn things that may change your life and paradigm forever. Knowledge and understanding are key to finding yourself on the right tracks as events unfold.

Pontius Pilate asked Yeshua "What is truth?" But he did not wait for an answer. We aim to wait, watch, listen and learn.

Many may not like the truth they hear, some may not want us to expose it, many may find it rather offensive, after all, truth is not always nice. But the best kindness you can do yourself - is truth. Our show offers a platform to examine reality together and learn truth from scripture.

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About Us

  • James Nwobodo


    James Nwobodo: Salesman/Public Speaker

    Popularly known as Heartman, he connects to people in a deep and profound way and James' wit and humor bring a necessary warmth to the show, captivating attention with his trademark smile and grace.

  • Bos

    Bosun Sadare: Writer/Developer

    With hands in many pots, Bosun aka Chairman Bos, cuts straight to the truth with apt analogies and is always revving for a debate to learn from. He has near fringe views about many topics but stays true to scripture.


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