• lightbulb moment
    A switch goes on, and illusions beclouding a lifetime start to disperse

    Live Broadcast Wednesday @ 9pm GMT
    19 MINS
    July 13, 2016

    You're most welcome to the introductory chapter of our return journey to the truth of scripture.

About Us

  • James Nwobodo


    James Nwobodo: Salesman/Public Speaker

    Popularly known as Heartman, he connects to people in a deep and profound way and James' wit and humor bring a necessary warmth to the show, captivating attention with his trademark smile and grace.

  • Bos

    Bosun Sadare: Writer/Developer

    With hands in many pots, Bosun aka Chairman Bos, cuts straight to the truth with apt analogies and is always revving for a debate to learn from. He has near fringe views about many topics but stays true to scripture.


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